You Should Know: The War on Drugs

Band Name – The War on Drugs

For People Who Like – My Bloody Valentine, Bruce Springsteen, Blonde On Blonde-era Bob Dylan

Recommended Listen – Slave Ambient

Interesting Fact – Kurt Vile was one of its founding members, playing guitar until 2008.  This band is also signed to Secret Canadian label, which is located out of Bloomington!

If Jack Kerouac were still alive, he would of loved The War on Drugs.  This is American road music for the 21st century hippie – trippy guitars with a steady beat with tales that have an American overtone.  If the band took away all its psychedelics, they would sound like The Band or Bruce Springsteen, but the acid guitars and the layers of sound works for the band.  So the next time you and your cool indie friends road trip cross-country, The War on Drugs should be on your playlist.

Their latest album, last year’s Slave Ambient, was a huge success, so expect more to come from these guys.  Here’s my favorite track off that album.

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