You Should Know: The Sorry Shop

From: Rio Grande, Brazil

For People Who Like: The War On Drugs, Yuck, bands that sound like the 90s

Don’t You Love It When Bands Put Their Music Out For Free? – These guys think so – you can snag their entire album for free here!

With the new Smashing Pumpkins album out this week, I’ve been going all nostalgic on great 90s guitar rock. Luckily for me, and for you, The Sorry Shop satisfies this craving for great noisy guitar rock. They balance the pop-smarts of Pavement with the all out rock sound of Guided By Voices (with better production). There’s even a bit of britpop that I can hear within such songs as “Go On”, but sounding more like The Stones Roses over Oasis. On some songs they even sound like Explosions In The Sky with nice dreamy guitar work with plenty of space (“Cinderblocks” is a great example). A very likable young band that’s well on its way.

Like I said before, download their debut album for free here.

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