You Should Know: The All-About


From: Brooklyn, NY

For People Who Like: Ben Folds, Jack’s Mannequin, songs that you can actually relate to.

Download Suburban Heart via Bandcamp here.

The All-About is the work of musician Zac Coe along with his revolving cast of friends, including members of Ghost Pal and The Great American Novel. Originally a drummer, Coe began to develop as a songwriter and with each new release is honing his talents.

Suburban Heart is an earnest study of the places and people we associated “home” with and how both change over time for better and worse. I’m a big fan of the record, especially considering that all these songs touch that one special place in my heart for my suburban roots. It’s a great record that’s easy to enjoy, especially tracks like “Whatever, Happy Birthday” (which you can play below) and “Lyla Garrity”.

Accompanying both the physical and digital releases of Suburban Heart is a full-length comic book, drawn by Casey Roonan. The record is available digitally on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Noisetrade and the Bandcamp link above.

Do yourself a favor and listen to The All-About.

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