You Should Know: Prevrat


For Fans Of: XTC, Broken Social Scene (if they were more post-punk)

More Prevrat: Download Music via Bandcamp, Like on Facebook.

When you add punk and synthesizers together you either get a punchy new wave sound or you get post-punk ambient pop. Prevrat’s music mostly sounds like the latter, but the influence of both sides of 80s punk can be heard in his dark pop sensibility, and it’s a sound that’s both intriguing and a joy to listen to.

Prevrat is Ric Gordon, and he has an impressive resume including running Russian Winter Records and Floorshime Zipper Boots music blog. Ric also has a PhD. in physics and has published over a dozen peer reviewed research papers. Ric cites The Velvet Underground, XTC, Devo, and Brian Eno as sources of inspiration.

Make sure to check out Prevrat’s new album Symbols via the bandcamp link above.


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