You Should Know: Paul Baribeau


“Ten Things”, the second song off Paul Baribeau’s 2007 album Grand Ledge, was the first song I ever heard by the South Central Michigan folk punker, and it was one of those songs I’ve been waiting to hear my entire life. The track is just Baribeau aggressively thumbing his acoustic guitar as he shouts about how all we have in life is time and how we must use that time to do everything we want to do like right now. It’s the kind of song that can sum up life in under two minutes and it only needs an acoustic guitar and a passionate voice.

“Ten Things”


Baribeau sings and plays guitar like a punk musician, yet his songs don’t sound like punk songs played on acoustic guitar. Instead, Baribeau sounds like a folk musician who is so emotionally invested in what he’s singing about that he sounds like he’s about to explode from all that emotion. With a punk attitude and a Bon Iver approved beard, Baribeau’s unique brand of folk-punk is extremely appealing to anyone who likes either punk or folk, because Baribeau writes clear and meaningful songs that we can all relate to.

In addition to Grand Ledge, check out his self-titled 2004 debut and 2010’s Unbearable. Listen to “Ten Things” and his song “Strawberry” below and check out his website here.


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