You Should Know: Mr. Dream

Mr. Dream is: Adam Moerder (guitar, singer) Matt Morello (bass) and Nick Sylvester (drums)

From: Brooklyn, New York

For People Who Like: Pixies, Nirvana, anything Lo-Fi, a little weirdness to some solid rock n roll.

Recommended Listen: Trash Hit

Fun Fact: Moerder and Sylvester are former Pitchfork writers.

Is Their Name Taken From The Character From Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out?: No idea, but I would love the band more if that was true.

With the release of Cloud Nothing’s latest album giving off good vibrations, it’s only fitting that their supporting band for their upcoming tour is just as exciting.  The band is Mr. Dream, a Brooklyn trio whose aggressive yet tuneful sound will feel like a good and much needed kick in the ass (you don’t hear that about a lot of rock bands lately do you?).  While Cloud Nothings carries on the tradition of Lo-Fi 90s greats such as Pavement and Guided By Voices, Mr. Dream’s sound is a near perfect blend of the weirdness of the Pixies and the hidden pop-smarts of Nirvana, all while sounding gloriously raw and Lo-Fi.

Make sure to pick up the band’s next release Fatherland EP when it comes out later this month.  Mr. Dream will also be touring with Cloud Nothings and will be at South By Southwest this year.  If you can, go check out these guys.

“What A Mess”

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