You Should Know: Lana Del Rey

Real Name – Elizabeth “Lizzy” Grant

For People Who Like – The National, The Velvet Underground when they had Nico, mysterious sexy women who like to play video games.

Recommended Listen – Video Games EP

Interesting Fact – Her stage name is a combination of the old Hollywood actress Lana Turner and the Ford Del Rey car.

It’s not even 2012 yet, but I think I already know who we’ll be talking about for most of next year.  Her name is Elizabeth Grant aka Lana Del Rey, and she’s made a name for herself in the indie world with her single “Video Games”.  Del Rey, a self-described “gangsta Nancy Sinatra”, has the kind of look and power in her voice to demand your full attention.  When I think of the Velvet Underground song “Female Fatale”, I’m convinced Lou Reed was singing about this girl – she’s mysterious and beautiful, but she could probably kick your ass and tear out your heart.

Below is the music video for the song “Video Games”, one of my favorite songs from 2011.  She plans to release a new album in late January titled Born to Die, and you can check out the first single here.  If Born to Die is as good as I think It’ll be from its first single, then we should be hearing a lot about Del Rey in 2012.

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