You Should Know: Delta Spirit

Band Name- Delta Spirit

Location- Long Beach, California

Years Active- 2005-present

For People Who Like- My Morning Jacket, Dawes, The Avett Brothers, Simple Americana-music with great lyrics.

Recommended Listen – Ode To Sunshine

What do you get if My Morning Jacket wasn’t so weird and listened to more of The Band?  You get Delta Spirit.  This California five-piece band is from the west coast, but they sound like they’re from America’s heartland.  The songs sound like they could have been written decades ago, but the band’s creative blend of tradition songwriting and indie attitude makes the songs sound fresh and new.  What really stands out with this band are the lyrics.  All the songs have good stories and really make you think, something that is missing from a lot of popular songs these days.

With good storytelling and great energy, these guys strike me as a modern day incarnation of The Band (they even have a drummer that sings!).  My current favorite song of theirs is The Waits Room EP version of “The Devil Knows You’re Dead”, but there wasn’t a video of it on youtube 🙁 However, check out “Streetwalker” below, from their fantastic 2008 album Ode To Sunshine.

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