You Should Know: David Bronson


From:  New York City, NY

For People Who Like: Cat Stevens’s voice, The Mountain Goats, Jethro Tull (without the flute), soulful and energetic songwriting.

Check Him Out At:

David Bronson joins a list of modern singer-songwriters that aren’t afraid to add a little bite to their songwriting, and he’s all the more better for that. Bronson is a singer-songwriter and producer based out of NYC who grew up on classic rock albums and tries to translate, both as a musician and producer, the sonic power of a whole rock album into his songs.

And yes, his beard is awesome.

David’s current project is a 22-song cycle broken up into two separate albums forming The Long Lost Story, a chronicle of a young man’s recent lost of a love and his search for a meaning in its end and how to move on. The Story is available now, and its prequel, The Long Lost, will be released soon.

Click here to stream his debut album Story.

Here’s the music video for “Times”.

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