From: Kyiv, Ukraine

Sounds Like: Sigur Rós, Björk

With Ukraine constantly in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, it’s hard to imagine what the average citizen is going through. But DakhaBrakha wants people to know that life must go on for the Ukraine people.

“We just want people to know our culture exists,” states the Kyiv band, who’s making a name for itself outside its home country after a breakout performance at last year’s Bonnaroo.

Each of the band members – Marko Halanevych, Iryna Kovalenko, Olena Tsibulska, and Nina Garenetska – sing in Ukraine and play classical Ukraine instruments. The tools are traditional, but the arrangements are inspired by modern folkdrone and Björk-punk (my term to describe whatever great music Sigur Rós and Björk make) to create an atmosphere both mystic and bombastic. And just like Sigur Rós, the point of listening to DakhaBrakha isn’t necessarily to understand the words but to let the music move you emotionally.

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