Manika Kaur


From: Dubai, UAE

Sounds Like: Sigur Rós

Australian-born and Dubai-based singer Manika Kaur performs spiritual hymns in honor of her Sikh religion, but you don’t need to be religious to fall in love with her voice. The music is soothing yet always engaging, much of that having to do with Kaur’s smart composing and instrumentation that’s influenced by both her eastern faith and her enjoyment of western music.

Kaur also walks the walk in line with her spiritual beliefs – nearly every penny she makes from her music goes directly back to the Sikh community to build temples and help impoverished areas rebuild and grow.

Really the best way to enjoy Manika Kaur is to let the music play while you sit with your eyes closed and, in whatever way works best for you, meditate to the music. Listen to “Gur Ram Das” below off her most recent album I Bow to You Waheguru released earlier this year.

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