World Music Wednesday: Ajoyo


From: Brooklyn, NY

Sounds Like: If Charlie Parker played with Fela Kuti.

Ajoyo is the work of Yacine Boularés, a multi-reed player who seamlessly blends together traditional West African dance music with Arabic and Afrobeat rhythms and American jazz/soul influences.

Originally from Tunisia, a North African country with a large Arabic presence, Boularés moved to Paris to study philosophy and music and now lives in Brooklyn where he has immersed himself in American jazz and soul. Boularés’s blend of African dance rhythms (mostly inspired by West African countries like Cameroon), general Afrobeat, and jazz composition will sound familiar yet totally unexpected and moving.

The rest of Ajoyo consist of Linton Smith (trumpet), Alon Albagli (guitar), Can Olgun (keys), Fred Doumbe (bass), Guilhem Flouzat (drums), and Sarah Elizabeth Charles (vocals). Ajoyo’s self-titled debut will be released April 21st via Ropeadope.

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