Week In Review (7.10.15)


Throughout the week I keep track of all my favorite new songs and every friday I put them all here. Most of these songs are brand new, but sometimes I’ll miss a song from the past weeks and finally hear it this week. No matter, all these songs are worth sharing.

Aero Flynn – “Dk/Pi”

This live version of this song, which appears on the band’s self-titled LP that came out earlier this year, reminds me so much of ‘In Rainbows’ in that this dark synth-pop stomp makes me wanna get up and dance. Fun fact: this band is from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, hometown of Bon Iver and Field Report.

Kisses – “A Groove”


Public Image Ltd. – “Double Trouble”

John Lydon is back, and he’s pissed off about the fucking toilet (again).

LHF – “For the Town”

Sounds like Looney Toon gunshots sampled within a kind of electronic bliss that grows on you with each listen.

Michael Stasis – “Crushed”

For fans of the Ariel Pink aesthetic.

Vinyl Williams – “Space Age Utopia”

This song is cool, but what makes it even cooler is that Lionel “Vinyl” Williams is the grandson of John Williams. Yes, this John Williams.

Ought – “Beautiful Blue Sky”

If Interpol were more like Pavement? I mean this in the best way possible.

Shelf Life – “The Curse”


Shelf Life is the project of Scotty Leitch, a recent drummer for Alex G and a well known musician around philadelphia. His debut album will come out sometime this fall.

Gordi – “Can We Work It Out”

So lush and uplifting that it belongs in my alternative John Hughes universe that lives in my head.

Lorenzo Asher – “Liverpool (ft. Michael Christmas)


A new Lorenzo Asher album is what I want for Christmas.

Laetitia Sadier – “Oscuridad”

A beautiful, albeit sometimes uncomfortable, music video to a great song.

Together PANGEA – “No Oz”

Upbeat West Coast fuzz-rock in the vain of Wavves and FIDLAR.

Gardens & Villa – “Fixations”

A silly music video that includes Foxygen’s Sam France playing the Andy Warhol look-a-like. Killer song too.

DMA’s – “Your Low”

A great music video can make a good song so much better.

Piney Gir – “Purple Heart”

Think Girlpool but with a spacier aesthetic.

Frankie & The Heartstrings – “Think Yourself Lucky”

Very charming, but this isn’t stale like most other retro-minded pop bands.

Guilty Simpson – “Vanguard Organization”

No-frills rapping over horns is how I like my rap.

Palehound – “Healthier Folk”

“Too stoned to take an antibiotic,” is a great way to start a song.

Sego – “The Fringe”

This might be LA’s answer to 2005 LCD Soundsystem.