The Raconteurs – “Together”

Year: 2006

Album: Broken Boy Soldiers

This album was released ten years ago this May, which makes me feel old because I can remember my mom driving me to my hometown Barnes & Noble and buying this CD the week it came out┬ábecause I really liked “Steady, As She Goes.”

And for an entire year I just listened to “Steady, As She Goes” and didn’t bother with the rest of the album, because I was 13 and figured that’s all I needed to hear – the one song I already liked.

I’ve come back to this record recently and I’m surprised by how good it’s held up. Some days I even like it more than most White Stripes albums.

“Together” is my favorite track off an album full of several great tracks that never got too much radio play, which is both a blessing and a curse of having a massive hit. Way to go Jack.