Music History 101: The Only Time Radiohead Played Saturday Night Live

It has been confirmed that Radiohead will be the musical guest for the season premiere of Saturday Night Live on September 24th (With Alec Baldwin hosting!).

As popular as this band is among critics and fans, it will be very strange to see a band like Radiohead on TV performing for a mainly mainstream audience.

Radiohead have performed on SNL only once before, back in 2000 when Kid A came out.  Click here to see them perform “The National Anthem” and you’ll be able to guess why they’ve only played SNL once.  It’s a great performance but it feels out of place on SNL, especially with Kate Hudson cheering in the background.

Also I apologize for the Chinese.  Youtube didn’t have the video, but Tudou did!

Thanks Consequence Of Sound for the story.

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