The Last Headphone Nation Post For A Long Time…


I’ve got some big news today.

Next week I will be leaving the United States for about five months to study abroad around the world with Semester at Sea and then staying in Europe for a little bit after.

I want to put as much focus as I can on my experience abroad, which is why I will not be continuing Headphone Nation during the next couple of months. I am sad to say this, considering how much fun it is for me to do Headphone Nation and to write about music (and it’ll kill me not to be as in tune with the music world for half a year). But obviously I am more excited to travel the world and experience new cultures (and music!). I’ve very eager to see what these next couple of months will bring for me, and I hope I come back with lots of inspiration and motivation to continue doing what I love. And don’t worry, Headphone Nation will return in June or July.

Here’s to a safe and fulfilling semester!

Tune in. Tune out. Live on.

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