Playlist: Zach Braff’s iPod


This new playlist combines many of the songs from the Garden State and Scrubs soundtracks in addition to some other songs that I think match Braff’s great range of taste in music. There are also some songs on here from his new movie Wish I Was Here released in limited release July 18th.


You Should Know: Wild Sweet Orange

Band Name – Wild Sweet Orange

Location – Homewood, Alabama

Years Active – 2004/2010

For People Who Like – The Decemberist, Death Cab For Cutie, The National, Modest Mouse

Recommended Listen – The Whale EP

I saw this band open up for John Mayer in 2006 and I was very impressed by this band.  These guys from Alabama were stellar live and their studio work is just as good.  Preston Lovinggood, in addition to having an awesome last name, is a unique singer, being both melodic and clear.  The sound of the band is very big – it’s very cool to hear how much sound five guys can make together.  It’s a shame these guys only made one album, We Have Cause To Be Uneasy, and broke up right after its release.  Check out the acoustic version of “Tilt” below.