Someone: Tessa Rose Jackson’s latest musical project is minimal and beautiful



Tessa Rose Jackson is someone, a Dutch visual artist and the musical mind behind Someone. “Art Pop Art” she calls it. All she needs is a bass and her voice, which, like the song, blossoms from isolated diary-like reading to grand confession. It’s lovely. And she knows how to get loud and make a killer music video.

From GoldFlakePaint:

“Recorded in just one night – from 11pm to 4am – at her home studio in Amsterdam, it seems fitting that ‘Forget Forgive’ reaches a reprieve in its conclusion, akin to the sunrise after a darkened isolation. ‘It’s the most personal track I’ve written so far,’ she explains. ‘Playing the song to other people actually always feels a bit icky, like reading an excerpt from my diary out in public. It’s super naked. It’s a really intimate lyric about battling some pretty nasty demons and, in overcoming them, figuring out the kind of person you want to be.’”