Manika Kaur


From: Dubai, UAE

Sounds Like: Sigur Rós

Australian-born and Dubai-based singer Manika Kaur performs spiritual hymns in honor of her Sikh religion, but you don’t need to be religious to fall in love with her voice. The music is soothing yet always engaging, much of that having to do with Kaur’s smart composing and instrumentation that’s influenced by both her eastern faith and her enjoyment of western music.

Kaur also walks the walk in line with her spiritual beliefs – nearly every penny she makes from her music goes directly back to the Sikh community to build temples and help impoverished areas rebuild and grow.

Really the best way to enjoy Manika Kaur is to let the music play while you sit with your eyes closed and, in whatever way works best for you, meditate to the music. Listen to “Gur Ram Das” below off her most recent album I Bow to You Waheguru released earlier this year.

Week In Review (12/5/14)

Title Fight Reassures Me That 2015 Will Start Off Strong

Be on the lookout for their new album Hyperview in February.

Will Lana Del Rey Get An Oscar For The Song She Wrote For The New Tim Burton Movie?

Probably not, but at least she gets to chill with Courtney Love next year.

 Sir. Mix-A-Lot Takes A Stab At His Own “Get Lucky” With San Francisco Indie Dance Pop Group KiWi Time

And it’s good!

Listen To Au.Ra If You Ever Wished That My Bloody Valentine Sounded Less Noisy

My “Well, It’s Definitely Not Going To Get Warmer Anytime Soon, Might As Well Stay In And Listen To Some Beautiful Atmospheric Music” Song Of The Week

Even the name reminds you of Sigur Ros.

R.I.P. Bobby Keys

Famous rock n roll saxophonist who played with the Rolling Stones and The Who passed away on Tuesday. Also R.I.P. Ian McLagan.

This Week, PSY Literally Broke YouTube

“Gangnam Style” has had over 2 billion (!) views on YouTube, which is above the website’s counting abilities. Watch it one more time just for the heck of it (you know you want to).

This SUNBEARS! Music Video For “Now You’re Gone” Is Super Trippy Man

It’s a great song too.

Playlist: 20 Songs For June 2013 (Via Spotify)


With the exception of Yeezus, most of my June was spent going through bits of past ambient pop that I’ve grown to appreciate. Whether it’s IDM from the 90s (Aphex Twin), early 2000s indie-rock (Broken Social Scene), or the very recent dance pop from overseas (Disclosure), I was so into this music that I was almost tempted to go out and buy a mini controller. Almost. But of course there was plenty of other great non-electronic music to be heard this past month.

Here are my 20 songs for June 2013.

Kveikur: The One Album That’ll Make You “Get” Sigur Ros


Sigur Ros has a new album coming out June 18th and it’s called Kveikur. Right now you’re either extremely happy that you’ll soon hear some new Sigur Ros or you’re frustrated that you can’t pronounce “Kveikur” (“Candlewick” in Icelandic). This seems to be the case with Sigur Ros; either you love them or hate them, and for the longest time I was a part of the latter group. I say was because I just heard a song off the new album that has converted me into a Sigur Ros lover.

The song is “lsjaki” and it’s terrific. Check it out below.


After talking to a few of my Sigur Ros loving friends, It appears that Kveikur is very aggresive by their standards. This sense of urgency, which their lack of in their previous albums might be the reason why some people don’t like them, is now the driving force of the new album. Kveikur might very well be the album that’ll make all former haters now say, “Well, I guess I might give Agaetis Byrjun another shot.”

I’m excited for the new album, and it also comes out the same day as the new Kanye West album! Make sure to pick up both this Tuesday.

Also, if you’re not a fan of the above song, check out the song below which is also off the new album. You’re welcome.

And The Lollapalooza 2012 Lineup Is….

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you this year’s Lolla lineup!

The top acts are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Black Keys, Black Sabbath, and Jack White.  The other major acts include Florence and the Machine, The Shins, M83, Sigur Ros, Frank Ocean, Wale, J. Cole, and Guy Clark Jr.  Some hidden gems include Sharon Van Etten, Washed Out, The Weeknd, and plenty of other up and coming acts.

To see the full list, click here.