Friday Mixtape (September 18, 2015)


(Picture by Nolan J. Downs)

Throughout the week I keep track of all the new songs that I hear and love and every Friday I put them all here. Most of these songs are brand new, but sometimes I’ll miss a song from before and finally hear it this week.

The Lemon Twigs – “Soothe”

I saw the latest addition to Winspear Records this week when they opened for Diane Coffee and they blew me away. Imagine if Foxygen sounded more like The Zombies or Cream.



Luhx – “Stay for the Night”

A power-pop ballad with dreamy vocals, coming straight outta Boston.


Liris – “Iridescent Love”

Fans of Björk will love it, but this song has enough soul to appeal to any listener that might find Björk off-putting.


Sego – “Townland”

A sunny jam that would fit right in with any ‘Grand Theft Auto’ soundtrack.


Chromatics – “Shadow”

I think I’ve posted about Chromatics each week. I’m ok with that.

Ezra Furman – “Androgynous (The Replacements cover)”

Westerberg would be proud.


Beach Slang – “Young & Alive”

[see Chromatics note]

Marcioz – “Love Me, Tender (It Will be Alright)”

An Elvis song turned into a creepy lullaby that sounds like an Amnesiac B-side. I dig it.


IGBO – “Creamy”

If the latest Blur album was more funky.


Year Of Glad – “Umbro Season”

Another winner from Lame-O Records, one of my favorite Philly labels.


Iman Omari – “Addicted”

Bonus points for sampling Once Upon A Time In The West (I think?).


TV Ugly – “QC”

The best guitar pop always comes from Canada.

Funeral Advantage – “Not In My House”

This is from way earlier this year, but it still sounds so great.


Dynamo Royale – “Modern Western”

Hey Dynamo Royale: please write the new James Bond theme song instead of Sam Smith. Please and thank you.


Phil Cook – “Frazee, Minnesota”

This album is 4 years old, so I think we need a new Phil Cook album. Like right now.

The Kickstand Band – “Anxious Love”

Shout out to this Detroit band for making me smile with some great power-pop.


Have a good weekend everyone!

Week In Review (7.10.15)


Throughout the week I keep track of all my favorite new songs and every friday I put them all here. Most of these songs are brand new, but sometimes I’ll miss a song from the past weeks and finally hear it this week. No matter, all these songs are worth sharing.

Aero Flynn – “Dk/Pi”

This live version of this song, which appears on the band’s self-titled LP that came out earlier this year, reminds me so much of ‘In Rainbows’ in that this dark synth-pop stomp makes me wanna get up and dance. Fun fact: this band is from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, hometown of Bon Iver and Field Report.

Kisses – “A Groove”


Public Image Ltd. – “Double Trouble”

John Lydon is back, and he’s pissed off about the fucking toilet (again).

LHF – “For the Town”

Sounds like Looney Toon gunshots sampled within a kind of electronic bliss that grows on you with each listen.

Michael Stasis – “Crushed”

For fans of the Ariel Pink aesthetic.

Vinyl Williams – “Space Age Utopia”

This song is cool, but what makes it even cooler is that Lionel “Vinyl” Williams is the grandson of John Williams. Yes, this John Williams.

Ought – “Beautiful Blue Sky”

If Interpol were more like Pavement? I mean this in the best way possible.

Shelf Life – “The Curse”

Shelf Life is the project of Scotty Leitch, a recent drummer for Alex G and a well known musician around philadelphia. His debut album will come out sometime this fall.

Gordi – “Can We Work It Out”

So lush and uplifting that it belongs in my alternative John Hughes universe that lives in my head.

Lorenzo Asher – “Liverpool (ft. Michael Christmas)

A new Lorenzo Asher album is what I want for Christmas.

Laetitia Sadier – “Oscuridad”

A beautiful, albeit sometimes uncomfortable, music video to a great song.

Together PANGEA – “No Oz”

Upbeat West Coast fuzz-rock in the vain of Wavves and FIDLAR.

Gardens & Villa – “Fixations”

A silly music video that includes Foxygen’s Sam France playing the Andy Warhol look-a-like. Killer song too.

DMA’s – “Your Low”

A great music video can make a good song so much better.

Piney Gir – “Purple Heart”

Think Girlpool but with a spacier aesthetic.

Frankie & The Heartstrings – “Think Yourself Lucky”

Very charming, but this isn’t stale like most other retro-minded pop bands.

Guilty Simpson – “Vanguard Organization”

No-frills rapping over horns is how I like my rap.

Palehound – “Healthier Folk”

“Too stoned to take an antibiotic,” is a great way to start a song.

Sego – “The Fringe”

This might be LA’s answer to 2005 LCD Soundsystem.