Playlist: 15 Songs For April 2012 (Via Spotify)

Time for some April showers – of good music that is.  This month’s mix is a little more on the rocking side, but there’s something here for everyone.  I even threw in a classical piece for all my sophisticated viewers out there.

Here are my 15 songs for April 2012.

I Was There: School of Seven Bells (with Exitmusic) live in Bloomington

Last night I got to see my first show at the local Bloomington venue The Bishop, and it was a good show.  School of Seven Bells brought their electro-pop dance energy to Bloomington with great material from their critically acclaimed albums.

Exitmusic took the stage before SoSB to a small but compact crowd.  They had a good layered sound, much of it credited to some awesome guitar work by Devon Church – he even pulled a Jimmy Page and used a violin bow on his guitar!  The band sounded (and looked) like graduates of the school of Joy Division, all dressed in black and sounding like a tribute to the late Ian Curtis.  Exitmusic live also reminded me of Sonic Youth, but not as fun or poppy.  It was a good set yet it had me desiring more upbeat music, music I knew would come with SoSB.


After a quick intermission SoSB took the stage and immediately went to work.  If Exitmusic reminded me of Joy Division, then SoSB reminded me of New Order, the happier more danceable incarnation of Ian Curtis’s band.  The music was more lively and actually got the crowd grooving to the neo-disco beat.  The band was tight and pulled off a layered sound without overwhelming the audience.  SoSB were best when they played fast – their slower material wasn’t able to stand out as much during their set.  The band was tight live and they brought plenty of energy to a satisfied crowd.


This will probably be my last show I’ll see this year in Bloomington, but it won’t be the last!