Headphone Nation’s 100 Favorite Songs Of The Decade (So Far): 2010-2014


Am I an idiot for thinking that I can only pick 100 songs to share with y’all and not feel guilty about all the other music that I’m leaving out?┬áIs this list completely bias? Am I brain-dead from trying to write about why I love every single song on this list?

The answer is yes.

Reminder: this is a list of MY FAVORITE songs of the decade, not THE GREATEST songs of the decade. There is a key difference. Same rules apply to this list as they did for my favorite albums of the decade so far.

Also make sure to check out the spotify playlist with all these songs at the end of this list.

Alright, let’s begin.

Pictures From Last Night: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at Assembly Hall

Last night I saw Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform at IU’s own Assembly Hall as the official Little 500 concert. The duo sounded great and Macklemore is one of the stronger entertainers I’ve seen live. Talib Kweli and Wale opened up for the indie hip hop duo.

Wale 1

Wale pumping up the crowd (with the crowd).


Wale 2

Wale again (he’s rocking the #4!).



And the show begins.


Thrift Shop

During “Thrift Shop” (and a good summary of their surprisingly strong set).



Macklemore rockin the #40!


Crowd Surf

I was so close to touching him during his crowd surf…



The Irish flag during the final song “Irish Celebration”.


For all you Talib Kweli, I’m sorry I have no pictures of him.