The Talkhouse – Where Musicians Get To Talk About Music


One of the cooler music websites that I’ve stumbled upon recently is The Talkhouse. The Talkhouse is where musicians talk about and review new releases. The site has gotten a lot of attention recently since it was where the late Lou Reed reviewed Yeezus and it also has the hilarious Ezra Koenig review of Drake’s latest album.

The Editor-In-Chief is Michael Azerrad, who wrote the classic indie underground book Our Band Could Be Your Life, and the site is getting some great interviews lately (I especially love St. Vincent’s praise for Reflektor).

It’s great to see a site where musicians get to talk about music, because they know a thing or two about music. Make sure to follow The Talkhouse for some great reviews!

My Arcade Fire ‘Reflektor’ Review – Go Buy It


I have been trying to write this damn Arcade Fire review for a while now, and I’ve given up. There are too many great reviews out there all saying the same thing, so go read those.

All I can say about Reflektor is that it’s incredible. Reflektor is the kind of album that comes after a successful rock band wins their first Album of the Year Grammy and uses their newly found credibility to challenge themselves. Reflektor is a challenging album, and at times it falls flat on its ambition, but a rock album with this kind of ambition in 2013 is special.

I wouldn’t say Reflektor towers over every other album in 2013, but this is an album that I will show my kids when they’re beginning their musical education.

Go out and buy Reflektor. Now.