Music Video Theater: Silver Jews – “Random Rules”

In the late 80s Silver Jews was formed by David Berman and Stephen Malkmus (who would also start Pavement around the same time). The band sounded like what the National tried to sound like early in their career: lo-fi alt-country with a dry vocalist singing clever lyrics about mundane middle class life.

“Random Rules” is a Silver Jews song I particular like, especially the lyrics. This is the 90s at its finest (and most flannel).

Playlist: 15 Songs For February 2012 (Via Spotify)

Here’s a new monthly tradition that I would like to start.  Every month I’ll make a playlist, courtesy of Spotify, and I’ll share it with ya’ll.  These playlist consist of fifteen songs that I have enjoyed over the month.  Some of these are new songs, others are classics, and everything else is just whatever I was into this month.

Here’s my 15 songs for February 2012.


P.S. Thank you mattneric for showing me how to do this.