Lump Records

Lump Records: Chile indie label “in search of sounds of contemporary expression with identity and root”

Lump Records


Lump Records is a label based in Valparaíso, Chile with a mission to find “the sounds of contemporary expression with identity and root.” The label’s latest release, Nochi’s El Baile Del Naí (Anthropological Research), could be taken as an assured electronic project, but the label’s insistence on connecting the music to a history elevates the listening experience.

From Bandcamp:

“The sound material presented in this production is a recorded directly on the ground of some indigenous communities of Talamanca, in cooperation with my research as an ethnomusicologist and anthropologist of music. Many thanks to the great contribution of Jorge Luis Acevedo Vargas from the Conservatory of Music of the University of Costa Rica for his great inspiration and work.

“Within the sound material selected in the research we compiled Cantos de Sorbón (bul), Cantos Sukias (awapa), songs of worship and some magical elements of some animals that describe characteristics and skills typical of the jungles of Talamanca such as the tapir (Naí) the gavilan (Tsai), the armadillo (Tsawaí) and the tiger (Nmú), with the aim of publicizing and promoting our varied musical and cultural manifestations of our original people, produced with much respect and admiration.”