Attention All Bloomington, IN Musicians: Live From Bloomington 2013 Submissions Are Now Open


If you are an Indiana University student or a Bloomington musician, then the application for song submissions for the Live From Bloomington 2013 album is officially open.

Click here for the official Facebook page.

Live From Bloomington is a Union Board-sponsored CD  made up of songs from local Bloomington musicians that showcase the best of local Bloomington music and raises awareness and funds for the Hoosier Hills Food Bank. Live From Bloomington has been an IU tradition for 27 years, and we are proud to continue this great tradition in 2013.

Submissions will close October 14th at 11:59 PM.

If you would like to submit a song, email to receive a submission form.

Pictures From Last Night: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at Assembly Hall

Last night I saw Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform at IU’s own Assembly Hall as the official Little 500 concert. The duo sounded great and Macklemore is one of the stronger entertainers I’ve seen live. Talib Kweli and Wale opened up for the indie hip hop duo.

Wale 1

Wale pumping up the crowd (with the crowd).


Wale 2

Wale again (he’s rocking the #4!).



And the show begins.


Thrift Shop

During “Thrift Shop” (and a good summary of their surprisingly strong set).



Macklemore rockin the #40!


Crowd Surf

I was so close to touching him during his crowd surf…



The Irish flag during the final song “Irish Celebration”.


For all you Talib Kweli, I’m sorry I have no pictures of him.

Music Journal: The Beginning Of The End

Wow this year has gone fast.  I’ve had an incredible freshman year at Indiana, and it’s going to end on a high note.  Today is the kick off for Little 5 week, which is nationally known as the greatest college week in the nation.  This week will be full of activities around campus, the women’s race on Friday, then the men’s race on Saturday.  After the week ends it’ll go straight into dead week (no assignments are assigned), followed by finals week, then that’s all she wrote.

My blogging will not be as frequent due to all these events in the next couple of weeks, but I’ll still try to write whenever I can.

Here’s a little something to keep ya’ll occupied while I get to work on my studies.

Music Journal: March Recap – SXSW, The Boss Returns, And A Whole Lotta March Madness

It’s called March Madness for a reason.  Though my Hoosiers lost in the Sweet Sixteen to Kentucky, we have to remember the first time we played Kentucky this year (see picture above).  This has been an incredible basketball season, not only for IU but also for all the crazy games this year during the tournament.  I’m excited for what March will bring next year.

Oh yeah, in March some music was released and there was some festival that happened.


South By Southwest: The Most Fun I Didn’t Have.

SXSW, arguable one of the coolest music festivals to happen all year, happened this month…and I didn’t go.  No worries though, I am determined to go down to Austin in the near future to see SXSW (21st birthday present?).  Besides, with all the coverage on every single music blog, I felt like I was basically there.  I especially enjoyed Spin’s SXSW playlist, which included rising acts such as Star Slinger, Class Actress, and Jacques Greene who had good sets at SXSW.


Album Of The Month: Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball

When I first heard Wrecking Ball I was mostly relieved that it was an improvement over Working On A Dream.  But the more I listen to this album, the more I believe that this is one of the Boss’s better albums.  It’s definitely one of his more unique sounding albums, with strong elements of hip-hop beats and Irish folk songwriting.  But there is still that signature Bruce sound that’ll make you wanna get up and dance like this…


Song I Listened To The Most This Month: “True Love Will Find You In The End”

This beautiful song was originally done by the late Daniel Johnston.  The two versions I listened to the most in March were the Beck and Matthew Good versions.  Both are stripped down and do great justice to Johnston’s original.  Try not to cry the first time you hear this.

Music Journal: It’s Time To Hit The Books

I’m sure you’ve noticed, but I have not been as actively blogging as I have in the past week or so.  For IU this is finals week, and I’ve spend all last week and will spend the rest of the week getting ready for my finals.  As soon as my finals are done I will finish off the year strong with some great material – I’m already getting ready for my epic end of the year review.

Stay tuned and study hard!