You Should Know: Stellardaze

Stellardaze at HoB


From: Bloomington, IN

Sounds Like: Ben Gibbard joined Band Of Horses and recorded songs with spiritual guidance from Alan Parsons.

There’s “weird” experimental music, and then there’s good music that’s not afraid to experiment. Bloomington’s own Stellardaze has a blend of progressive instrumentation and melodic songwriting that follows the latter, and they’re an exciting new band getting some attention here in the Midwest.

This six-piece band reminds me of Transatlanticism-era Death Cab For Cutie in which their songs have plenty of space to breathe and grow, and the vocals are strong and clear. There’s also hints of Cease To Begin-era Band Of Horses in which the band easily flows between melodic and hard-hitting groove. But this isn’t just another folk-pop band. Throughout their music there are changes between odd time signatures, orchestrated touches, and great guitar playing that’s interesting but not indulgent enough to turn them into a jam band. All in all, this is one of the more exciting young bands to come around Bloomington, and this is a band that you should start following now.

Stellardaze’s debut EP Paintress was recorded at Echo Park Studio here in Bloomington and is available now. Be on the lookout for a full length album hopefully by this Summer.

Check out “RXN” and “Europa” below. Also make sure to check out their bandcamp where you can download their EP.

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