In Case You Missed It: You Can Stream The New Ryan Adams Album (That Isn’t His Upcoming Self-Titled Release)


Devoted Ryan Adams fans know that the alt-country musician’s true music love isn’t the country-rock that made him famous (apparently he hates all country music not associated with the Grateful Dead). Instead, Adams loves noisy hardcore punk rock via Husker Du, The Replacements, and so on. He’s even recorded a sci-fi metal concept album and produced a hardcore Fall Out Boy EP (no, that’s not a typo).

So it wasn’t too surprising when earlier this year Adams released the vinyl-only 1984, which is 10 tracks and 30 minutes of blustering hardcore yet melodic punk. What is surprising, however, is that now the rest of us can hear the album below. It’s a treat for fans, a surprise for newcomers, and proof of this man’s mad genius.

Music Journal: New Day Rising (I’m Back!)


Hello again world, I missed you so!

This past year was very hectic, and I missed you all terribly. But fear not – Headphone Nation is back online! There was a lot I missed in 2012, but now I look forward to bringing you all the best of music in 2013.

Here’s to a new day (and year) rising.

Tune in. Tune out. Live on.

Playlist: 15 Songs For July 2012 (Via Spotify)

This month’s playlist is a bit on the sadder side. I’ve got ballads and sad songs from Bruce Springsteen, Chet Baker, Glen Campbell, Tom Waits, and Leonard Cohen. But don’t worry, I’ve also got some upbeat summer songs to top off July.

Here are my 15 songs for July 2012.

Playlist: 15 Songs For April 2012 (Via Spotify)

Time for some April showers – of good music that is.  This month’s mix is a little more on the rocking side, but there’s something here for everyone.  I even threw in a classical piece for all my sophisticated viewers out there.

Here are my 15 songs for April 2012.