CROCODELIA: psychedelic surf rock from Taiwan



Of course, when you think of fuzzy garage surf-rock, you think of crocodiles. Taiwan’s CROCODELIA, a band formed around 3100 BC, knows this, so they have perfected the art of the freakbeat with this excellent six-track EP. You can pick up Out Of The Swamp via Bandcamp.


Gatitx Discos

Gatitx Discos: “friendship without borders”

Gatitx Discos


You guys, I’m in love. Gatitx Discos is one of my favorite newer indie labels, based in Lima, Peru and putting out excellent cassettes from bands around Peru, Chile, and Argentina. From fuzzy noisepop to shoegaze to straight up punk and everything in-between, there’s something here for everyone. I encourage a full listen to a few new favorite bands.

From Bandcamp:

“One is the anniversary edition of the label, made in Lima, Peru, in cassette format limited to only 30 copies. Participating Peruvian, Chilean and Argentinean bands, is a kind of homage to friendship without borders.”

Gatitx Discos: Facebook

Playlist: 20 Songs For October 2013 (Happy Halloween!)


Happy Halloween everyone! This month’s playlist includes new music from Haim, Danny Brown, Pearl Jam, Dismemberment Plan, Fall Out Boy, and Arcade Fire. I also pay tribute to Lou Reed, and I threw in a special halloween song from Ryan Adams.

Here are my 20 songs for October 2013.

Another Day, Another (Awesome) Ty Segall Band


In an age that’s dominated by file sharing and online remixing, it’s good to know that there are still people like Ty Segall out there. This 26-year-old West Coast garage rocker has already released eight solo albums and has been a part of (and is usually the leader of) six bands, and the scary part is that everything he does is good. Everything Segall does is also by-the-book old school rock and roll black magic; record with all real musicians and no samples. When rock purist talk about how only a few good musicians still make music the old school way, they’re talking about Ty Segall.

Now Segall has gone and formed another band called Fuzz, and the sound here is full of, you guessed it, fuzz.

First, let’s take a second to admire the album artwork for Fuzz’s recently released self-titled debut.


The artwork just screams STONER METAL, and in 2013 that’s more refreshing than it is annoying. Like the album cover, the eight track debut is inspired by early metal and reminds us of a time when rock music actually used to be associated with “head-banging”. Like most of Segall’s music, the focus on Fuzz is to have the most fun with the most noise. There are enough T. Rex and Black Sabbath-worthy guitar hooks on Fuzz to please the most stingy of rock purist, yet this is not a throwback album; Ty Segall is making rock music for 2013, and Fuzz is every bit as current as anything else he’s done.

Check out the new album now on Spotify and on CD and vinyl, and be on the lookout for a new Segall album that’ll probably be released by the time I finish typing.