Playlist: 20 Songs For October 2013 (Happy Halloween!)


Happy Halloween everyone! This month’s playlist includes new music from Haim, Danny Brown, Pearl Jam, Dismemberment Plan, Fall Out Boy, and Arcade Fire. I also pay tribute to Lou Reed, and I threw in a special halloween song from Ryan Adams.

Here are my 20 songs for October 2013.

Listen To A Track Off The Ryan Adams Produced (!) Fall Out Boy Album (?)


Surprise 1: Ryan Adams loves punk music

Surprise 2: Fall Out Boy loves punk music

Surprise 3: Ryan Adams and Fall Out Boy hang out with each other

And yet here we are, listening to PAX AM Days, the Ryan Adams’s produced Fall Out Boy punk album. And this is a true punk album mind you, not the emo music that FOB is usually associated with. The album might not be particularly strong, but it’s interesting to hear something totally unexpected from the guys who gave us “Dance, Dance”.


PAX AM is the name of Adams’s studio btw

Playlist: 20 Songs From April 2013 (Via Spotify)


Well April marked the final days of winter – we still had snow in Indiana at the beginning of the month – which means I was on my annual National kick during the ugly transition between winter and spring (and because they have a new album coming out!). There was also plenty of great new music from James Blake, Kurt Vile, Daft Punk, Fall Out Boy, Iron And Wine, and Phoenix.

Here are my 20 songs from April 2013.