There Is A Song By The White Stripes That Directly Steals From Citizen Kane


In the song “The Union Forever”, off my favorite White Stripes album White Blood Cells, the lyrics are almost entirely taken from certain lines from the classic movie Citizen Kane, which was directed by and starring one of Jack White’s beloved heroes Orson Welles.

The verses contain a few lines that are either directly taken from the movie or reflect certain aspects of Welles’s character (C.F.K. = Charles Foster Kane), but the lines in the bridge, in which Jack is speaking with no guitar, is directly taken from a scene in the movie.

First watch the original scene from the movie.

Now watch the video for the song below and pay attention at 1:54 when White starts his monologue. Sound familiar?

Moral of the story? If you want to be like Jack White, study Orson Welles. Also check out Citizen Kane if you haven’t already – it’s a great movie that has surprisingly aged well.