Blondage: Catchy, Minimalist Copenhagen Pop



I hear lots of Charli XCX in Blondage, a Copenhagen pop act that makes undeniable bangers with as little instrumentation and as minimalist of a sound as possible. Latest single “Call It Off” is undeniably great and I can’t wait to hear what comes next.

From Bandcamp:

“Blondage is a Copenhagen-based pop-duo formed by Esben Andersen and Pernille Smith-Sivertsen where the two are making electronic pop music for fans of Flume, MØ and Nao.”



Image via Ja Ja Ja


On Ja Ja Ja I came across this great Blondage remix of Denmark’s M.I.L.K., which comes at just the right time as the summer begins to wind down and I need new tunes to keep myself in the sun as long as possible.

M.I.L.K.’s original song still sounds like summer, but in the way you want to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon in your friend’s pool drinking and getting sunburnt. This remix will get you moving and most likely dancing, either in your backyard all by yourself (totally cool) or in the streets of your major metropolitan area (also totally cool, as long as it’s summer). Both versions go hand in hand – you need music to pump you up and music to slow you down.

Here’s M.I.L.K. talking about the collaboration via Ja Ja Ja: “I’ve wanted to work with Esben and Pernille from Blondage for a loooong time. They are simply the best new thing in Scandinavian pop if you ask me, and they are super fun to be around. Our collaboration started earlier this year when I directed a music video for their summersmash “Dive” – we actually didn’t know each other that well before, but that changed after 8 days of intense shooting in New York. When we came back to Copenhagen we just started hanging out and then this remix happened.”

M.I.L.K.: SoundCloud Facebook