Midnight Peacocks

Midnight Peacocks: Israeli stoner metal that embraces its Arabic roots

midnight peacocks


I don’t often hear violins in stoner metal, so Midnight Peacocks quickly grabbed my attention from “Tzar Bomba” and kept it throughout their entire new LP, ‘Katastroffa,’ which is out now.

From Bandcamp bio:

“The Midnight Peacocks are:
Eitan Radoshinski: Vocals & bass
Guy Shemi: Guitar & Backing Vocals
Yoav Zohar: Drums
Yoni Silver: Violin, Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Keyboards & Piano
Hezi Shohet: Poetry”

Midnight Peacocks: Facebook

Deafheaven’s Sunbather Is One Of The Best Albums Of 2013, but It’s Not For Everyone


Deafheaven’s sophomore album Sunbather came out way back in June, but it’s still receiving a noticeable amount of critical praise. So far it’s the highest rated album on metacritic for 2013 (higher than Yeezus and Modern Vampires of the City), and it has already created a new genre (‘Dreamcore’ is supposedly the agreed upon name for Sunbather‘s fusion of shoegazing and metal).

But there lies the issue — this is a metal album. And it’s a loud metal album. And the average song length is eight minutes. And it’s a metal album.

Metal is not for everyone, and yet I want Sunbather to be for everyone. It is such a perfect blend of melody and noise that, for just once, you don’t mind someone screaming in your ears.  It took me a couple of months to sit with this album and give it a fair listen, but I’m glad that I did.

So give Sunbather a shot — you might be surprised.