Week In Review (12/19/14)

So Some Guy Named D’Angelo Released An Album?


And apparently it’s a big deal.

And The Award For The Most Hyped Producer For 2015 Goes To ZHU

And for good reason.

James Murphy Is Making An Album Made Out Of Tennis Sounds.


No, seriously.

Max Frost – “Let Me Down Easy”

So good.

 Will Nothing But Thieves Be The Next Big London Band That’ll Be Featured On Some NBC Drama Commercial?


It sure sounds like it, and in the best way possible.

This Group Of Recent High School Graduates Makes Me Feel Real Old


Expect great things from Minneapolis-bred Hippo Campus.

 And Your Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Class Of 2015 Is…


Lou Reed, Green Day, Joan Jett, Bill Withers, and some other famous people. But the real story is who didn’t get inducted.

Is This The Sexist Christmas Song You’ll Hear In 2014?

Or at least the one that sounds the most like the Human League?

Watch Bob Long III Play Inside An Indianapolis Brewery

Thank you Sun King, and thank you My Old Kentucky Blog.

Can’t It Just Be Summer Already?


I guess I’ll stay in and listen to Genevieve to feel like there’s some sun left.

Anytime An Artist Calls Themselves ‘Indiana’ I Have To Talk About Them

It’s a bonus that this artist actually sounds great.

Male Bonding – “Falling”

Be on the lookout for a new album from these guys in 2015.

Kathleen Hanna aka The Punk Singer Is Back!

This is also the same girl who introduced Kurt Cobain to Teen Spirit.

This Will Be The Last ‘Week In Review’ For The Year!

I’ll be on vacation with the family from Christmas till New Years and I will not be near any sort of Internet. See you in 2015!

In Case You Don’t Know Who D’Angelo Is (So That You Can Freak Out About ‘Black Messiah’ Too)


So we all just found out that D’Angelo is releasing his new album Black Messiah at midnight (update – it’s on iTunes now and it’s also streaming on Spotify). This is big news because:

A) This is a sudden announcement that I don’t think most people were aware of.

B) This is D’Angelo’s first album in almost 15 years.

C) D’Angelo’s previous album released 15 years is considered one of the greatest albums of the past decade, and of all time.

D) For a while, we weren’t sure if a followup would actually happen.

Now in the past few weeks there have been some updates on the new album, most noticeably a confirmation that there was indeed an album to be released. But now we have a bombshell of an announcement that has made 2014 all the more epic.

For the longest time, it seemed that D’Angelo was turning into Axel Rose and would never follow up his classic album, an album that for many people was the defining moment of the neo-soul movement of the late 90s.

If you haven’t heard Voodoo yet, you really should do yourself a favor and listen (it really is that good). Here are some previous D’Angelo highlights to get you into the mood for Black Messiah.