Week In Review (12/5/14)

Title Fight Reassures Me That 2015 Will Start Off Strong

Be on the lookout for their new album Hyperview in February.

Will Lana Del Rey Get An Oscar For The Song She Wrote For The New Tim Burton Movie?

Probably not, but at least she gets to chill with Courtney Love next year.

 Sir. Mix-A-Lot Takes A Stab At His Own “Get Lucky” With San Francisco Indie Dance Pop Group KiWi Time

And it’s good!

Listen To Au.Ra If You Ever Wished That My Bloody Valentine Sounded Less Noisy

My “Well, It’s Definitely Not Going To Get Warmer Anytime Soon, Might As Well Stay In And Listen To Some Beautiful Atmospheric Music” Song Of The Week

Even the name reminds you of Sigur Ros.

R.I.P. Bobby Keys

Famous rock n roll saxophonist who played with the Rolling Stones and The Who passed away on Tuesday. Also R.I.P. Ian McLagan.

This Week, PSY Literally Broke YouTube

“Gangnam Style” has had over 2 billion (!) views on YouTube, which is above the website’s counting abilities. Watch it one more time just for the heck of it (you know you want to).

This SUNBEARS! Music Video For “Now You’re Gone” Is Super Trippy Man

It’s a great song too.