Song Of The Moment: Logan X – “Pictures”


One of the great perks of being a college music writer is that I am surrounded by a stupid amount of young raw music talent (there’s also eternal youth, a limitless future, and unlimited sources of alcohol, but yeah raw music talent). Most of my friends are still trying to hone in on their crafts, but it’s so much fun to see my friends grow as musicians, many of which I’m sure will go on to do great things with music in the upcoming years. And of course the best shows are the ones in your friend’s basement when you hear your friend’s band play for the first time and seeing them completely nervous and inexperienced and still having a hell of a time with them.

One such friend of mine is Sam Braverman aka Logan X and he has a new song out called “Pictures”, and you’ll want to hear this insanely catchy song from this up and coming musician sooner than later.

Hear and download the song for free via Logan X’s bandcamp.

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