Ryan Adams Live – My Dream Setlist

This Monday I will be seeing Ryan Adams live in Louisville.  I am extremely excited to see him, so excited that I’m trying to plan out my perfect set list.  This is a solo acoustic tour, so I want to hear the following songs either in their acoustic versions or in acoustic renditions.  I’m not including any songs from the new record because I assume he’s going to play a lot it anyway.  We’ll see how close I get when I go see him.  Here’s the list!

“Let It Ride”


“Fix It” (song starts 3:14)


“Oh My Sweet Carolina”


“She Wants To Play Hearts”


“Please Do Not Let Me Go”


“Rip Off”


“These Girls”


“The Bar Is A Beautiful Place”




“Call Me On Your Way Back Home”


“In My Time Of Need”




“The Battle” (Whiskeytown)




“Hard Way To Fall”


“If I Am A Stranger”




Any songs you think I missed?  Comment below or hit me up on Twitter @HeadfoneNation and tell me what’s on your Ryan Adams dream set.

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