I Was There: Ryan Adams Live in Louisville (With Setlist)

Ryan Adams at the Louisville Palace Monday night was a special show – a solo acoustic show that was both powerful and entertaining.  He performed his songs passionately, and in between songs he interacted with the audience with his dark humor and wit.  Throughout the show he had issues with his guitar tuning, pointing out that he had let Sonic Youth borrow his guitar the night before.  Ryan was charmingly cynical about his work and poked fun at his lack of “happy songs”.  When he introduced his songs he would start by saying stuff like, “This is a protest song…about happiness”, or, “This is another song about my feelings.”

The songs played were from various points from Adams’s career, mostly from his solo beginnings with Heartbreaker and Gold and from his most recent Ashes & Fire.  His old songs still sounded great in various acoustic and piano renditions, and the new tracks off of Ashes & Fire already sound like classics.  Notable highlights included a slow piano rendition of “New York, New York”, an unexpectedly folky rendition of “Two”, a crowd sing-a-long to fan favorite “Come Pick Me Up”, and a faithful cover of Alice In Chains’s “Nutshell”.

Here’s the set list.

Oh My Sweet Carolina

Ashes & Fire

If I Am A Stranger

Dirty Rain

My Winding Wheel

Sweet Lil Gal (23rd/1st)

Invisible Riverside

Everybody Knows


Let It Ride

Sylvia Plath

Chains of Love

Please Do Not Let Me Go

Lucky Now

Rescue Blues


Crossed Out Name

New York, New York


This House Is Not For Sale

16 Days (Whiskeytown)

Come Pick Me Up


Avenues (Whiskeytown)

Go Easy

Nutshell (Alice In Chains cover)

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