Original Short Stories and Other Writings


My passion in life is to create, specifically to create through writing and through playing music. Headphone Nation is just one of the many outlets that I use to create, and I would like to share with you some of the other outlets of my work.

Original Short Fiction

One of my favorite non-music hobbies is to write short fiction, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have some of my own work published.

“My Best Friend is a Robot”

Written for the So It Goes: A Tribute to Kurt Vonnegut collection from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. This story is about a sad man who built himself a friend, and the result is a sad yet humorous analysis of the human condition that Vonnegut mastered.


Written for the special 2013 April Fool’s edition of Skive Magazine. A story of an ill-mannered man who wins more money that he knows what to do with it and what he spends it all on.

“The Lie”

Written for the website 50-Word Stories in which I wrote a story that is, you guessed it, 50 words. A story about what happens when you don’t read the terms and conditions…

 “The Sky is a Landfill for our Dreams”

This short poem was written for Beyond Imagination Digital Literary Magazine, Issue 1.

Non-Fiction Writing

“The New Normal”

A reflection piece I wrote for my Semester At Sea Spring 2014 voyage about the joys of travel and the many transformations we go through when we travel and when we come home.

“Another New Normal”

A reflection piece I wrote in honor of the one year anniversary of the end of my Semester At Sea voyage. What do we do when the wanderlust is gone?