Nihiloxica: A Darker Take on Traditional Bugandan Drumming



The Buganda, Uganda’s largest ethnic group, hold the drum in highest regards. The instrument is used in ceremonies, for dance, and is played when a child is born and when anyone dies. The Kabaka’s (king’s) drums are considered holy. Each clan has its own drum rhythm. And when women were allowed to play drums, it was a sign of their new power over the strict patriarchy.

The music of Nihiloxica is a celebration of drumming’s special place in Uganda, still ever so present. However, the added synth does indeed make the music “darker” and brings the Buganda appreciation into the 21st century.

From Bandcamp:

“A darker take on traditional Bugandan drumming. Comprised of seven percussionists, one kit drummer combined with an analog synth player. Recorded live in single takes at Boutiq Studios in Kampala, Uganda between the 26th and 29th of August 2017.”

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