Music History 101: Next Time You Get Booed On Stage Ask Yourself – What Would Sinead O’Connor Do?

Ladies and gentlemen, what I’m about to show you is pretty badass.

At a Bob Dylan tribute show, notorious Irish rocker Sinead O’Connor is about to perform when she is booed so intensely that she cannot perform.

But first let’s back up.  Earlier she played Saturday Night Live and during her performance she ripped a picture of the Pope in protest of child abuse in the Catholic Church.  Not a good thing to do for your career right?  Well the crowd was still pissed at her and they made sure she would not be able to perform.

So how does she respond?

She sings (borderline shouts) the lyrics to Bob Marley’s “War” with a few changes in the lyrics addressing child abuse.  Here is the video.

This was pretty much the equivalent of the middle finger.

It also must be pointed out the irony in this entire set up.  The crowd is full of Bob Dylan fans, and last time I check there was another show that was booed….has something to do with Judas….

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