New Album Releases: April 24, 2012 – Jack White and Death Grips

If you haven’t been able to make your way over to your local record shop, today is a good day to do so.  Today Jack White’s first official solo album Blunderbuss and Death Grips’s major label debut The Money Store comes out today.

The anticipated solo debut from guitar god and former White Striper Jack White is one of 2012’s most anticipated releases, and it doesn’t disappoint.  White puts all of his favorite genres from delta-blues to slow country and his signature minimalist rock & roll sound into an album’s worth of great tunes.  It might not be what you expected (the focus is more on sound rather than raw power) but it’s just as good as anything White has done, which is saying a lot.


Now Death Grips I’m not as familiar with, but this band should not be ignored.  Death Grips is an electro hip-hop duo that isn’t afraid to get in your face with an intense sound that’ll make you wanna start a fight at a club.  You won’t understand what the hell anything is being said, the intense sound isn’t for everyone, and even their album cover might be a turn off.  However with that said, this music is strangely appealing, and you might find yourself coming back to this album again and again.  If you’re gonna take a chance with any album this year, take it with The Money Store.


Go out and check out these albums, and remember to support your local record store!

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