My Arcade Fire ‘Reflektor’ Review – Go Buy It


I have been trying to write this damn Arcade Fire review for a while now, and I’ve given up. There are too many great reviews out there all saying the same thing, so go read those.

All I can say about Reflektor is that it’s incredible. Reflektor is the kind of album that comes after a successful rock band wins their first Album of the Year Grammy and uses their newly found credibility to challenge themselves. Reflektor is a challenging album, and at times it falls flat on its ambition, but a rock album with this kind of ambition in 2013 is special.

I wouldn’t say Reflektor towers over every other album in 2013, but this is an album that I will show my kids when they’re beginning their musical education.

Go out and buy Reflektor. Now.

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