Music Journal: Things You Should Do This Weekend While I’m In Chicago

Well folks I’m off to Chi town for the weekend, so no posting until Monday. However, there’s plenty of things you should do this weekend while I’m gone.

Listen to the new John Mayer album on iTunes for free!

I don’t know how long it’ll be until iTunes stops streaming the album, but you should take advantage of this. Mayer has a new approach on this new record which I personally think sounds great. Check out the record and see for yourself.


Check out the new Beach House album.

Bloom is awesome. Trust me.


Cry over the fact that Bill Ward isn’t playing with Black Sabbath anymore.

I’m sure plenty of people are sad that Ward decided not to join the famed metal band on their upcoming THREE shows. Heartbreaking.


Go out and buy a Josh Ritter album.

Specifically Golden Age of Radio. I just picked up that record earlier this week and I feel like everyone should have a copy.


Alright people you have stuff to do this weekend, now get going!

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