Music Journal: Kanye West’s Epic Tweetfest – What Exactly Was He Talking About?

2012 is already an interesting year, thanks to good old Yeezy.  Wednesday night I was looking at my Twitter when I noticed a series of tweets from the famed rapper and producer.  I was intrigued by what he had to say, but what I wasn’t ready for was how many tweets were to follow.  From about 10 at night to 1 in the morning Kanye tweeted 85 times, and he had many things to say.

The main theme to the tweets were concerning his new company DONDA, named after his late-mother, which seems to be a new fashion company that will, according to him, consist of the most creative minds in the world working together to “make products and experiences that people want and can afford” and to “pick up where Steve Jobs left off.”  It was also revealed that his true love is in fashion, not rap music, though he admits that’s where he is the most skilled at.  Other highlights include reflections on when he was a kid and couldn’t focus in school because he was too busy designing, a Matrix reference, and his reasons for why the current school system sucks.

You can ready all his tweets in a nice, easy-to-read format via Spin magazine here.

Is this Kanye just being Kanye, or is this part of his master plan to slowly take over the world?  Only time will tell.  In the meantime, here’s a video of Kanye head-banging on an airplane.  Have a G.O.O.D. Friday everyone.

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