Music Journal: Hello (Constructive) Summer!

Well ladies and gentlemen, my freshman year of college is at an end.  It was an incredible year and I look forward to coming back this fall.  However with that said, it’s time to enjoy some sunshine!

This summer will be hectic for me.  I will be taking summer classes and giving guitar lessons for pay.  But what I’m most excited for is my internship!  This summer I will intern with Consequence of Sound!  I’m very excited for this awesome learning experience to enhance my writing and blogging skills.

This will be a busy summer, but I will do my best to continue bringing the best of my music world to y’all.  Stay tuned throughout the summer for music news, reviews, and whatever the hell else I feel like posting.

This will definitely be a, wait for it, constructive summer!


Go out and enjoy the sunshine.

Tune in. Tune out. Live on.

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