Music Journal: Google Music – Will You Actually Use This?

I have seen the future, and it is Google Music…ok maybe not.  Google Music is the latest move by the juggernaut company to challenge iTunes and Amazon in the online music store industry.

Some cool aspects of Google Music (that I know of) is that you can sync your music library with your Google+ account, and other Google+ users can see your music, much like what Spotify has recently done with Facebook.  Also Google Music is part of the Android market, so syncing music with your Droid phone is easy.

The program seems very sophisticated and advanced, but would you actually use it?  Google Music seems to be another attempt by Google to make more money by competing in an market that it cannot succeed in.  They have already tried competing in the social network world with Google+, which has some truly innovative ideas, but there are too many well done social mediums available that the last thing we need is another profile to check on every five minutes.  Plus would you really unsync all your music from your iTunes and start from scratch with Google Music?

click here for more information on Google Music so you can form your own opinion.

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