Music Journal: Cheesy 80s Saxophone Solos – A Rock & Roll Icon

There is no greater guilty pleasure among music fans like the cheesy 80s saxophone solo.

In the middle of your favorite 80s jam you anticipate it, you crave it, and you love it.  Even if you hate the 80s, there is no denying the power of the sax.  Here’s a prime example of the greatness that is the cheesy 80s sax, courtesy of Mr. Eddie Money.

Back in the 80s the saxophone player was THE man you wanted to be.  You got all the girls, you got to be as flashy as you wanted to be, you could wear whatever the hell you wanted, you could perform in all sorts of different genres, and you really only had to play for less than minute per song.  I mean, look at this sax player below.

THIS GUY got all the ladies in the 80s.

The cheesy 80s saxophone solo has probably seen its better days, but it will always survive in the hearts of 80s music devotees.  And, judging by the awesome use of sax in M83’s “Midnight City”, it looks like the cheesy saxophone is making a comeback.

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