I Was There: Bon Iver Live In Indianapolis

Last night’s concert in Indianapolis was awesome!  The new album was well done live and it made me appreciate Bon Iver more – those songs were meant to be heard at a very high volume.  The songs from For Emma, Forever Ago were redone to sound more like the last album, and those songs actually sounded better.  The only exception was “Re: Stacks”, where Justin Vernon came out with just an electric guitar and performed the song solo just like the album.  The room was totally silent – you could hear a pin drop (and I think I did a couple of times).  It was powerful and it was one of the show’s many highlights.  Other highlights included a beefed-up rendition of “Blood Bank”, a Bjork cover with awesome beat-boxing, and the final song “The Wolves: Act I and II” where Vernon had the whole crowd sing the line, “What might have been lost” increasingly louder as the band crescendoed into total chaos.  It was truly a night to remember.

Here’s the setlist


Minnesota, WI





Blood Bank

Hinnom, TX


Beach Baby


Re: Stacks

Creature Fear


For Emma


Skinny Love

Who is it

     -Bjork cover

The Wolves: Act I & II

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