Music History 101: Frank Zappa Defends Music’s Freedom Of Speech (Like A Boss)

Frank Zappa is one of Rock & Roll’s greatest champions, even if you can’t name any one of his songs.

Zappa was an intellegent musician with a complex (and awesome) discography, and he was one of the greatest advocators for freedom of speech in music (it’s because of Zappa that we have the “Parental Advisory” stickers on albums today – without Zappa’s input, those records wouldn’t even be sold in popular stores today).

In the video below, Zappa defends music’s freedom of speech and passionately argues against censorship, referring throughout the video to the point that, “We’re talking about words – that’s it.”

The video is 20 minutes, but it’s very entertaining and it gives good insight on music’s place within freedom of speech.

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